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Out of a sense of fairness, we did not plan to offer any early bird reward as the number of people who could have benefited would have been limited.

For that reason, we have thought of another way of rewarding you for supporting our campaign and our business.

To receive the reward, you only have to do the two following things:

1. Subscribe to our newsletter via one of the following links:

2. Subscribe to one or more of the following pages:

With your two subscriptions, you will receive a USD $5 discount when you make your payment through the pledge manager. You will be able to apply this discount either on the shipping fees or the add-ons, as you wish.

If you take the "Pickup" option (see details in the "Shipping" section) and you don't want any additional items, the USD $5 discount will be credited to you.

This offer is valid until the end of the campaign.